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We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Products, Services and Entertainment available anywhere.
The High Octane Way!

Hey, Hello, Hola, Wudup and all the other ways to say Hi. Welcome to High Octane Solutions Inc. For those of you who knew us before yea this is a whole new us ( leaner, more focused and more introverted…..and we love it :o)) to those of you who are new to our vibe welcome to the High Octane way of doing business. High Octane’s roots run deep in the business development consulting world. We still do (very little) but, some of what we’ve done for many years, that’s helping companies conceptualize and grow their businesses through the creation and implementation of marketing, financing and operational, planning tools and programs. Our focus however has changed. We changed in 2019 to become what we are today. HOSI is an e-commerce and branding company with only one customer (Us). HOSI owns and operates over 70 brands, 6 e-commerce sites (with more to come) a podcast network, an online magazine and numerous events spanning everything from fitness, beauty, organics and art. We concentrate on providing our customers with the highest quality goods and services while educating and entertaining them at the same time.

Our Company

Welcome to High Octane Solutions the ecommerce retailer providing you with quality products and services 24 hours a day. We provided everything from protein powder, to lipstick, from high end fashion to cool tee shirts to organic meals and healthy supplements. Sign up and receive sales, discounts and exclusive deals and subscriber only perks and rewards. Fuel your knowledge and curiosity with our online magazine or one of our pod-casts, videos or events to stay on top of what’s happening in everything fashion, fitness, wellness and everything in between.

Come see how can serve your needs

Harmony Health & (Coming Soon)

Goddesses (Coming Soon)

CJ (Coming Soon)

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Frequently Asked Questions

High Octane Solutions Inc. is an Ecommerce whole sale and retail company

Through our series of websites, entertainment and educational resources, HOSI sells products like supplements, advertising, clothing and even pre-portioned meals and more. 

We have a limited return policy on all products. You may return products up to and only 7 days after you have received the product. On non-used unopened consumable products, they can be returned as is in the containers and shipping in which the customer received it. Opened consumable products can only be returned if 90-95% of the product is still intact in the container it was shipped in along with all shipped packaging as well. All wearable clothing and accessories can be returned if they are in the same condition they were shipped in, along with all of the shipped packaging as well. 

Yes you can. We get this question all of the time. Our counselors are licensed and certified trainers. They are independent contractors to us but make their living as trainers first. If you choose to hire a counselor to train you High Octane Fitness + Nutrition holds no liability what so ever in that transaction of service.  

Being a reseller comes with lots of benefits. Your products are at a discount, you can sell a at discount, you get paid and may never have to touch product and you get discounts on all of the events we hold. If you are a reseller of ours and there is a way to help you grow your reseller business with us we want to help you maximize that opportunity. We may co-sponsor events in your area or even pay for you to attend events with us. Our relationship with our resellers is to help them grow their independent business using us as their product provider.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE