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We produce podcast for everybody. We have podcasts on fitness and health, religion, mental health, sports and even small business ownership. Click below to see our archive of podcast topics. 

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Some of our social media conversations can take on a life of their own and can live in their own universe. We work to create a social environment that gives all everybody a place to be heard.


If you are looking for workouts or exposes on small businesses or information on preparing the right meals after your workout or even on mental health in the work place we have a video for you. 

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If you are the type of person that likes to hangout with really cool people and learn something and have fun all at the same time then you are in luck, so are we! We hold events all the time. Come join us.

This is where the marketing magic happens!

High Octane Solutions Inc. sells more than just pills, powders, tee shirts and make-up. As an e-commerce company with very diverse customer bases. It very important for us to stay continuously engaged with our customers. We do this by providing them with content relevant to us and them. We work to build conversations with our communities where you have the opportunity to see us not as a company but as people (whom you just might like). We create a broad range of content. Everything from podcasts to full length videos. We are also keen on bringing people together on social media and in person. We do that hosting and participating in events around our core audiences and making lasting connections.  

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You might have a unique point of view or a very cool message to promote. We would love to hear it and our audiences might too. If you are looking to connect with lots of diverse people on a myriad of topics ranging from mental and physical health to interviews with business leaders and the best meals to eat after a workout. We have a very wide variety of topics you can choose from. You can also mix and match events with both social and videos sponsorships. The potential reach is large and diverse. We do not allow advertising on our websites but we do allow sponsorship of website events. To learn more use the contact form for this site or use the button below to buy ad space.