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If you are looking for advice on how to do squats, it’s here. If your looking for information about mental health it’s here. If you want to find the best way to re-pot your plants we’ve got that too, even if you are looking for inspiration on opening your own business, look no farther.  High Octane Media & Entertainment is here for all your entertainment needs.    

Get Fit With Lucas Fowler

A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer

Lucas has dedicated his life to helping others find their level of fitness and lifestyle. His offers both individual classes and group classes. His classes are both in person 

Imported Baggage

Nadia Zereen


Nadia is a passionate business owner. Her number one goal in life is to be of service to the community an world she lives in. Imported Baggage is a perfect example of that. As a co-host of this show she is looking to explore what makes us who we are right, wrong or different. By learning more about each other its harder to keep up the walls and silos we hide behind.   

Dr. Marie Mason &

Jocie Fletcher

Off the Couch....Let's Talk

Group & Individual Coaching

These ladies are serious about your mental health. They have been practicing clinicians for over 20 years. The difference is they want you to take your mental health seriously just in a fun and educational way. Off the Couch takes you on a journey of wellness in the pursuit of what happiness is to you all while having fun along the way. Let’s Go!  

Loverntas Chera

Student of the world

High Octane Solutions, Inc. Vendor In The Spotlight

Loventas is the idea the next generation of leaders should be. He wants to know what it takes to be the plumber or the accountant or consultant. This inquisitive nature is on display with Vendor In The Spotlight, where he sits one on one with business owners to hear their stories or how they got started and where they see their businesses going in the future.  

Maves Ranola & Ramona Kwong

Best Friends A.K.A.

The 3 P Queens

Group & Individual Coaching

These two lifelong friends have seen each other through thick and then. They have a passion that centers around 3 things Purses, Pets and Plants  and just so happens they started a business around their hobby that has taken them to new heights. Join them as they navigate business ownership, friendship and a possible hording problem. Join them and have some fun with the 3 P Queens.